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Planned activity
Notes and/or Instructions
Carole McCulloch
Spotlight in the ElluminariumBrief Description
This activity will showcase the use of application sharing in Elluminate and will provide opportunities for participants to be creative in a wetpaint wiki space.
During this activity participants will add a 'shout out' posting on a wiki page to put a spotlight on someone they believe is a great Elluminate moderator.
Step 1: set the scene
Create your wetpaint wiki page (or use mine at ) and add a discussion thread at the bottom of the page
In the page highlight your moderator of the month by providing a small image and some words about that moderator.
In the discussion forum start the thread with an introductory and instructional message about what to do.
Step 2: provide a demonstration in Elluminate
Provide a brief overview of what the activity is about: e.g. replying to a thread in a discussion forum on a wiki
Open the wetpaint wiki site in a separate browser window and login
Start the application sharing and select the application for this website
Navigate to the Spotlight page and within the page to show the contents and demonstrate how to reply to the thread.
Step 3: get audience participation
Ask for a volunteer from the audience to add a posted reply
Hand them access to your shared application, keep the voice function on and give them directions
When finished take back the access to your shared application
(Time permitting: repeat the steps by asking for more volunteers.)
Warm up activity. A simple activity that I need to learn how to set up. How do I make it a page for the Elluminate whiteboard? It is a word doc at present. Does it need to be a ppt slide?
A activity while waiting for a session to begin. A table with zodiac symbols. Participants are to use the whiteboard tools to indicate what sign they are.

icebreaker -world map of collaboration possibilities (insert/upload a jpeg of a world map)
Using the whiteboard letter tool type a number (to correspond with hands up number) on the world map where you would be interested in finding a partner to collaborate with, on a global project with your students. Please raise your hand to share your reasons for your choice with the group via the microphone.

Icebreaker - tell me about your day in three words.
Use the writing tool to add your three words and colour in the text box with the approprate colour to how you are feeling.
Icebreaker - Grid of Web 2.0 Tools to find out what participants already use (insert/Upload jpeg of the Web 2.0 Grid or a ppt slide)
Use the Raise the Hand Tool and put hands up to get a number. Using the Whiteboard Letter Tool type your assigned number in all the Grid boxes to indicate the Web 2.0 Tools you use or have used and see if you can complete the whole board = BINGO! Using the Microphone and beginning with 'Winner' each person to explain briefly their most favourite tool and how you could use it in a classroom. Continue through all participants n a clockwise direction from the 'winner'!

Icebreaker - gain an understanding of people's skills and knowledge etc
Draw up a simple graph with the axis labelled according the to information you wish to ellicit. Students or participants, then plot themselves on the graph with a picture etc. It can be a great way to get the feel for the group, work out some experts etc, or simply as a reflection tool at the end to see how the session went
Virtual_lessons_workshop2 - Elluminarium 4 Elluminate Live
Virtual_lessons_workshop2 - Elluminarium 4 Elluminate Live

Presentation (3 slides) -
Introduction to Vista & Word 2007
Three slides from a presentation I'm due to present on Wednesday.
(Suggestions for engaging activities gratefully accepted.)
Presentation (3 slides) -
"Introduction to wikis"
1. File sharing - wikis in plain english
2. Brainstorm how can teachers use wikis
3. Brainstorm how can students use wikis - ideas for more creative ways to gather interaction warmly welcomed!!!
See attachments - wikis in plain english video, elluminate homework 1.ppt
mini workshop for session 4 (if we can make it)
four slides Digilearn
1. What are DLOs?
2. interactive
3. How can i use them in the classroom?
4. Where can i see some examples
see attachment-powerpoint slides
Mini lesson for session 4
ePotential website
What it is.
How familiar? Show of hands
Features of the site. Positive aspects. Smiley face and verbal.
How to complete the survey (web tour maybe)
How to encourage staff to complete the survey. Conduct a poll.
The continuum (if time)
Mini session
Curriculum Planning
5 E model
Asking the right questions?
Essential Questions
Content questions
Blank template for collaborative planning
(Based on Intel Model)
Ice Breaker - Where are you???
Place a map on the screen. Particpants raise their hand to allocate them a number, then they type this number over the part of the map that they are logging in from. You could also do this with participants ideal holiday destination!
Mini workshop... Lesson Idea?
This could be used in a LOTE lesson - if two classes joined up, or if communicating via correspondence. Work in progress! Powerpoint file too large to upload as yet...??
Ice breaker - what's your fruity personality?
A fun warm up activity and easy way to get to know participants - ask them to nominate which fruit/veg they most identify with. Results could be polled and then reveal the personality traits.
Jordan Chamerski
Ice breaker and Activity - see Jordan's attachments below
Ice breaker - turn your picture into something
Elluminate activity - Who Wants to be a millionaire
Luke Molan
Ice breaker activity
My initial thoughts are that as a moderator one of the most powerful things you can do is give each participant "a voice" - speech is the most engaging tool in elluminate so my activity is simply to facilitate the asking and answering of "Who are you?", "Where are you from?", What do you do?". As participants introduce themselves in answering these questions they are also invited to annotate the attached file on the WB with ther location. This last bit is similar to Kelly's Ice Breaker.
Belinda Flint
Ice breaker activity
Use the poll function to test your German knowledge!
Neville Borger
Think – pair – share
‘What has been your greatest achievement in ICT, either professional or personal, so far?'
This is a short activity about using Skype in schools

Cheryl H
An icebreaker for students who have emerging reading skills
This icebreaker uses a quiz tha t involves words and pictures - to assist emerging readers to develop word recognition and matching skills.
external image insert_table.gif
Ice Breakers - Interviewing

Two lies and a Truth
Ask the students to pair up and interview each other whether via text chat or in break out rooms. The students will then report on what they discovered about each other.
My activity for my students is for them to list three interesting things about themselves. (I own two iguanas; I once shook hands with Tom Cruise; and I love to waterski.) Two must be lies and one must be true. Other students must vote to determine which interesting thing is a lie. The student with the most incorrect votes wins.