Coach Carole's Virtual Classroom Training

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This wikispace has been prepared for the Masterclasses in Blackboard Collaboarate moderator training.
Please access the Virtual_Lessons page and add your icebreaker, tutorial, mini lesson or other contributions to the workshops.

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

This technology provides a virtual classroom or meeting room in which participants can hear and see each other; communicate in text and images; share a web tour together; and learn collaboratively online in real time.

If you are a first time user of Blackboard Collaborate please go to the Elluminate Support page for links and documentation.

Want to see a virtual classroom in action? Take a look at this archived event - Ringmaster tasks in a three ring circus.

Note: if you have not already downloaded the required software to play this recording please go to the Blackboard Collaborate support page and follow the instructions.


If you need individual, group or class training for this virtual classroom please select from the activities available below. Contact me for further details.

Stepping into Virtual Classrooms

Individual Negotiated Training - please contact Carolefor a quote.